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Basic Kit Plus Kit

Create A Castle

You've got a basic kit but want to take it to the next level.  We've got your solution, our basic kit plus upgrade will build taller works of art in sand! 

Our modular split mold sand castle system will allow you to build beautiful sand or snow structures in a short amount of time. Just buckle it, fill it and Create A Castle. Our basic plus upgrade kit includes the Create A Castle corbel to add either on top of your basic tower or next to it on beaches where you can't stack!

Build varying size towers with this unit and bring your castle to the next level by stacking and alternating heights and add in the corbel in between to add whole new level of intricacy.  Can't stack on your beach?  No problem, build a lower profile kingdom instead of a tower, the possibilities are limitless with your imagination!

Our basic kit plus includes the following item:

  • 1 Corbel – for additional stabilization and a beautiful effect in between the towers.
  • 2 buckles to lock your cylinder or use as additional sculpting tools.
  • Just add moistened sand as you go and start creating! Keep the kids (and parents) entertained on the beach with this hassle free sand molding system for hours of fun!

Adult assistance may be necessary for ages 3-6.  Results may vary depending on the sand quality of the beach when using Create A Castle.


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