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Starter Kit Pro Upgrade

Create A Castle


Upgrade your starter kit to a pro kit today!  You already have the tools to build amazing castles in the sand or snow with your starter kit, now take it to the next level and start using our larger parts and window/door cutter to make head turning works of art!  This upgrade kit includes a window cutter, a 10 inch base cylinder and a corbel, to add to your already amazing starter set!  Try stacking or build larger individual towers.  Learn how to do fractional fills where you can stagger heights of your castles by filling the 10 inch cylinder partially and then fill the 6 inch cylinder inside the 10 inch shell.  The possibilities are endless!

This upgrade to a pro kit includes the following:

  1. One 10 inch cylinder
  2. One corbel
  3. One window cutter
  4. Four buckles


Category: Buckles, Cylinder, Sandcastle, Sandcastles, Window Cutter

Type: Kits