3D Printing And How It Accelerated The Create A Castle Prototype Process

What if I told you that I’m a tech geek at heart, me the inventor of a new sand toy. That my life revolves around an electronic lifestyle and it’s my life blood to create all things digital on the internet. I love all things gadgets to the point of a flaw. I love anything that is electronic, digital cameras that have amazing megapixel counts, drones with 4k filming abilities, you name it, I love it if it’s anything revolving around tech. What If I told you that I survive through the internet and all things digital and electronic. Would you believe me? Would you believe that a guy who made his living off of all things digital thought of something so non-digital as a new way to construct sandcastles?

While I love tech and all things digital to this day, there is something about “unhooking” or “unplugging” from all of that, there is nothing more natural or organic then going back to our earliest of years of playing in the sand. It’s therapeutic in a sense, it removes us from reality and all things digital that we have all become obsessed with as a culture and nation, as a planet. I’m still guilty of all things tech, it is after all how I’ve gotten to the point where I am, it’s how I make my living, but I found it a necessary part of my life to remove myself from this on a recurring basis, sand art and constructing sand castles (and now snow castles) was my method of choice to do so.

Enter 3D Printing technology. I had some friends being in the tech space who migrated to this new sector that was blossoming out of nowhere. Suddenly you could construct homes overnight, print medical devices on the fly to save lives, and print things that only our limited human minds would limit us from dreaming up. After seeing this tech space flourish and having witnessed close friends migrate to this space, I realized that this was the technology of choice to utilize for rapid prototyping Create A Castle. It was the perfect combination of plastic meeting the sand to shape it in ways never dreamed up before and with a whole new view, a whole new perspective.

3D Printout of first Large Cylinder for Create A CastleWater blended with sand castle test for Create A Castle