Feel Like A Kid (Again)

Create A Castle Will Make You Feel Like A Kid (Again)

If you are a parent, you know how challenging it is to keep you kids entertained and engaged – especially away from video games and TV. And in this fast moving digital age, kids like to see results from their actions quickly and want to have fun in the process. While on the beach, you need beach toys that entertain your children, not frustrate them. Part of the belief system here at Create A Castle is to make sure that your children (and you parents) get results from your efforts.

There is nothing more upsetting than taking hours of your day on the beach only to have that awesome sand castle collapse or be taken out by a wave after all of that time and effort that went into your well thought out project. And it’s easy to get frustrated with one dimensional molds that we’ve all used where the sand normally sticks inside of the mold and doesn’t quite meet expectations (see video below).


Create A Castle has taken the guess work out of creating a awesome sand castle and let’s your child’s imagination soar! We’ve created a beach toy for not only your kids, but also parents will enjoy as a family and making memories on the beach one grain of sand at a time! We guarantee that not only will you have fun, but you will have a conversation piece once completed constructing your castle or castles depending on how many towers you want to build!

Our patent pending modular split mold pack and stack system will blow your mind at how quickly you can construct a tower that turn heads the second you reveal your masterpiece hidden beneath our molds. We want to see all of the masterpieces as you create them, so snap your photos and use #createacastle via social media to share what you and your family bring to life.

So go ahead and feel like a kid again when you spend time with your family and friends making memories. Get outside and go Create A Castle!