Sand Castles are Everywhere!

Perhaps the title seems a bit overzealous, but if you watch and listen, sand castles really are featured in so many major ad campaigns and songs and can easily go un-noticed.  For instance, Sam Adams ran an ad about their summer ale at the beginning of this summer. You will notice in the video screen capture, the very first thing you see is a bottle of their classic summer ale sitting next to a sand castle, but a sand castle with one major flaw! It’s partially collapsed! Watch the commercial closer and you will see that in the middle of the ad, they show several existing molds lifting off, showing multiple collapses. This is one of the problems that we are solving here at Create A Castle!

The ad you just watched is from the Sam Adams YouTube channel and they actually place their Summer Ale next to a sand castle in the screen preview. Sand castles define summer and my guess is that’s why the ad agency more than likely put the Sam Adams label right next to a sand castle. Of course, it is a collapsed sand castle, because that’s what everyone is used to seeing from the existing plastic molds. Sometimes they work, most of the times they don’t, hence what you just witnessed if you watched the video.


So while major companies like Geico and Sam Adams have now built ads specifically around sand castles and a summer theme, what songs happen to mention sand castles too you may ask? Well there are more than you would ever imagine! All the way from Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick [Out in the Green]” up to modern songs from Weezer, released this year in 2017, “Feels Like Summer”! Even Shania Twain sings about them in her song “It’s Alright”. Of course then there is a song written by Beyoncé named none other than, you guessed it, “Sandcastles”! So while the title may initially sound overzealous, it’s actually quite accurate. Between the commercials that use sand castles in them, to the songs that mention them in their lyrics or titles, they literally are everywhere! They may get washed away, but the memories will last forever and we can help construct them better and quicker now!