The Story Behind Create A Castle

The idea for Create A Castle came to me during my 2016 vacation at Laguna Beach, California. After watching a dad and his young son struggle unsuccessfully to build a castle with traditional sand molds and buckets, I thought there had to be a more efficient, less time consuming and FUN way to build elaborate sand castles.

I realized that I was holding all of the tools in my own hands, sharing the same passion with my kids in making ornate sand castles. A shovel, a 5 gallon bucket and a couple of basic tools is what we used, but that took far too long to keep the attention of any child. What if a bucket was pre-molded with a detailed brick pattern? What if you filled it with sand from the top instead of the bottom? What if you simply split the mold apart instead of lifting it? What if it was all packaged up and easy to transport due to its split mold patent pending stackable system? After combining all of these ideas, Create A Castle became a reality.

Create A Castle molds give families a fun, successful and less time consuming way of building elaborate castles, towers – , whatever you can dream up – in the sand or snow, without struggling with the traditional one dimensional sand molds.