Use Of Printed Photos As Inspiration For Sand Art

So you may be asking yourself, what does a photo have to do with product development or inventing something new? If you’ve read any of my other post you’ll know I’m a strong advocate for all things technology. I love gadgets and things that work autonomously but in the same breath, I also love existing things that have been around for years and have proven their value in our world that we live in. For instance, a printed photo slapped on your refrigerator via a magnet sleeve, there’s no better inspiration than this. I love it for multiple reasons, first being it’s a proven technology much older than any of us reading this (the oldest known existing photo is from 1835), secondly it’s in your face every single day and you see it as a clear reminder of why you are doing whatever it is you are doing! Thirdly, what’s better than looking at photos from the past of your family and friends that you will otherwise never really look at all that much if it’s strictly in digital form, they are all memories to be reminded of!

Each day that I would walk by our refrigerator filled with photos printed of all of our memories on the fridge, there was one that stood out loud and clear to me every time I stopped to scan the photos stuck on our fridge. My wife had printed out a photo of the Sand Castle that I had spent several hours carving in Laguna Beach, and so happened to be the same day that I thought of my invention now known as Create A Castle! Each day it was a clear reminder of why I started this new product as it would bring all of the memories rushing back. Memories like how can I fix that issue that the father and son I saw struggling with existing molds we’ve all used all the way to how can I design something that can be brought with you on vacation without taking up the space of a 5 gallon bucket, that’s just not practical! Each day that I came home from our vacation I would stop and stare at the memories and always pass that one photo which drove me to a place of constructing a product so that everyone can partake in building a castle that will make people stop, stare and talk!

So while I do indeed love gadgets and all things tech, I can assure you that between the thousands of photos stuffed on my camera on my phone, I won’t be scanning through them daily to go back and look at 1 each and every day. Our photo wall on the fridge gave me a clear advantage in coming up with my idea as it was a daily reminder of why I needed to pursue the development of this product and build something that everyone can have fun with. Sand Castle building shouldn’t be frustrating or limited to those who have the skills and the tools and the patience to build them, sand castle building should be fun, simple and make you want to explore the possibilities of what you can do with your own imagination.

So next time you have something that you are passionate about, print it out and put it somewhere that will remind you each and every day, how can I make that passion easier for everyone else to have access to? Reach for the stars and maybe you can come up with the next big change in simplifying a process that you feel passionate about, print a photo that you love and have it remind you daily how you can make it better for all!