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Sand & Snow Castle Deluxe to Pro Kit Upgrade - 5 Inch Corbel

Create A Castle


Purchase 1 Create A Castle 5 inch corbel split system cylinder or more and add a whole new level of detail to your towers!  In the right sand, this cylinder can be stacked on top of another 10 inch cylinder in combination with any of our larger kits or additional 6 inch cylinders on top of it!

This cylinder is great for adding new levels of height or low profile designs around your feature tower if you can't stack!  Some sands have allowed for stacking an additional 10 inch cylinder on top of this part for instant two plus foot towers!  In the snow you can reach amazing heights with multiple corbels and 10 inch cylinders, your imagination is your only limitation!

We recommend this 5 inch corbel is used in combination with the multi-tool for splitting. Multi-tool can be purchased separately or with any of our kits.

Adult assistance may be necessary for ages 3-6.  Results may vary depending on the sand quality of the beach when using Create A Castle.


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